Teen Drivers in danger


With most teens obtaining a license during high school, it’s necessary to touch back on the other side the topic. In a press release titled CHP Focuses on Reducing Teens Distracted Driving, Americans are informed the number one killer of teens in the United States: collisions. This is due to texting, calling, fixing controls while driving, other people in the vehicle, and so on. Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) is a year-long program informing teenage drivers how to get to their destinations safely. Educational videos are available and specific to each state.

Schools and law-enforcement are continuing to work on educating young drivers through lots of programs. After selecting which state to be more educated on, there are many videos collections to choose from such as Awkward Parents, Personal Story Videos, and Miscellaneous.

The program also teamed up with other organizations such as R U Lethal and RADD. All of the programs are made to better educate and help lower the amount of teen casualties in preventable car crashes.

Other programs like Every 15 Minutes and Start Smart are very similar. Poway High School has been visited many times by the Every 15 Minutes program and their approach is more interactive to get the students to understand it on a personal level the effects of drunk driving. Start Smart is this mandated in order for students to obtain a parking payment. This program is led by a police officer and educates parents and children about the effects of distracted or impaired driving through a PowerPoint and intense videos.

The statistics are insane. 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver daily (CDC). Three teens are killed each day when they drink alcohol and drive (Pew). Marijuana users are about 25% more likely to be involved in a crash then driver is no evidence of marijuana use (CDC).

Shockingly, and astonishing 100% of these accidents are avoidable.

So even though death stories and vulgar PowerPoints have been shown to teen several times, over several years, it can only the help to continue being educated about the dangers while operating a vehicle. Teenagers are reckless, but that is it mean then need to keep getting in the car wrecks.


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