Lebron James heads to L.A.


July, 2018, Lebron James signed with the Lakers on a 153.3 million dollar contract. He is committed to play for the Lakers for four years. The Cavaliers, Lebron’s old team, have won the division title from 2015 to 2018. Lebron is credited by many for carrying the team to their titles. This is why many Lakers fans are stoked about Lebron James signing to the Lakers. They believe that Lebron will be able to lead the Lakers to many more championship titles just like he did for the Cavaliers.

Lebron James was the number one draft pick at the age of 18. He skipped college ball and went straight to the NBA. Currently, Lebron James is six foot, eight inches and 250 pounds. He has won four MVP awards throughout his NBA career. He has been to nine NBA finals and won three NBA championships. According to Tim Bontemps, a post national NBA writer, Lebron is the number one player in the NBA currently.

While many believed that the Lakers would be a powerhouse team this year, they have a below average record of four wins and six losses. After a loss to the Timberwolves, Lebron James explained, “We talk about patience, but you can’t have recurrence of the same thing.” The Lakers need time to click with each other and start playing as a team. Hopefully Lebron will be able to throw another team on his back and carry them to victory.

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