Tenure needs to change


A major flaw in today’s educational system in America is tenure, a contract that makes it so that district can’t fire teachers without substantial justification. These are used to protect teacher’s jobs from administrators or other teachers who dislike their areas of study. The reason this system is flawed is because it is difficult for teacher with an unsatisfactory performance to be fired. As a result, students are receiving an unfair education and valuable tax money is going towards incompetent teachers.

To receive tenure, teachers have a two year period of assessment to determine whether they are competent teachers. Once they’ve been approved, it is near impossible for them to get fired. Teachers with tenure can get fired for incompetence, insubordination, immorality, moral turpitude or neglect of duty, but it is a long and expensive process for the district to fire teachers. This is unacceptable because, some teachers decide to try for their first two years, then once they’ve accomplished their goal of tenure, they can sit back, relax, and enjoy hard-working tax money flow into their pockets. According to A New Teacher Project, “86 percent of school administrators surveyed do not even attempt to terminate teachers they know to be underperforming or acting improperly because of the time and money required to override the tenure laws. Lawyers cost money.

While tenure also protects good teachers from losing their jobs. This is a just argument for tenure because if teachers are unable to teach the way they want, then students won’t learn the information as well.

The tenure system should be reformed, not completely removed. Districts should find a compromise in which teachers are able to teach the way they want without risk of losing their jobs, but it should not be so hard for administrators to weed out those bad apples.


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