Yeezys in the Oval Office

LILY ARVIZU/ Staff Writer

President Trump recently had a lunch meeting at the White House with famous rapper Kanye West to discuss current issues. The rapper has been an outspoken advocate for Trump, facing a lot of backlash for his public support of him. Taking into account his mental instability and how much influence he has, Kanye is not fit to be meeting with the President of the United States.

Kanye West has struggled for a long time with mental illness and has been outspoken about his depression and bipolar disorder. “It’s not a disability, it’s a superpower,” Kanye said of his mental illness when asked by radio host Big Boy. He is clearly mentally unstable, having visited multiple mental hospitals in the past year.

Because of this mental instability, his thinking could not be clear and his opinions may not reflect what is truly right. He is not the best person to be meeting with the person in the highest position of power in the country, as his opinions and views must be influenced by his unstable mental condition.

Kanye and Trump talked like old friends and were clearly fond of one another.“Kanye has been a friend of mine for a long time,” President Trump said.

Trump was very complimentary of Kanye and praised him for his support and friendship, meaning that Trump values Kanye’s opinions and thoughts. The President should not be taking into account the opinions of an unstable rapper, especially not formulating a close friendship.

Trump and Kanye went on to talk about issues such as North Korea, prison reform, and the 13th Amendment. A rapper with no political background should not be responsible for talking to the President about these things.

Kanye even went as far as to claim that he himself is considering running for President. “Only after [Trump]. It’ll be 2024,” Kanye said. A problematic rapper who is mentally unstable with no political knowledge has no business even considering running for the position of President.

Kanye has millions of fans across the country and people pay attention to him and follow his every action. Kanye’s influence is too strong among youth, and he could influence Americans to make political decisions based on their love of Kanye, and not on what is best for the country. Therefore, he should stick to making music and shoes in LA, and stay far away from D.C.


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