Louis CK and the #MeToo Movement


Throughout the past few years, a movement called the #MeeToo movement, which fights against the prevalence of sexual assault,  has sparked controversy in the U.S. and affects the behaviors students at Poway as well.  In our school, many students have different opinions about the movement when I asked whether this movement was a positive movement.

“This movement empowers women.  If women speak up when it happens it is more likely that there will be change and it shows women that they are not alone,” explains senior Simran Jain.  This movement began after sexual misconduct allegations were made by actress Alyssa Milano against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.  Alyssa Milano then encouraged victims of sexual assault to speak out about their unfortunate encounters on social media.  By doing this, it gives people a sense of the magnitude of the issue so change can hopefully take place.  Within 24 hours, there were 12 million #MeToo retweets and stories.

Many male actors were accused of sexual misconduct, and one of the most famous people that has been targeted is comedian and actor Louis CK.  Back in 2017, allegations were made against him stating that he made women watch him masturbate and threatened them if they did not stay silent.  After a year, Louis CK has returned to the stage and the debate whether he deserves to come back or not has launched once again.

“No, he should not be able to receive a second chance because when he returned, it showed and taught others that men can get away with sexual assault.  No man will learn how terrible this act is if they get away with it,” senior Mia Cervantes said.

Louis CK and men who sexually assault women should receive a much more serious punishment and be fired so they can learn that they truly did something wrong.

“I believe that if there is no way to prove that he did this, then he should be able to pursue his career as a comedian because women may not be telling the truth and only accusing him for more money and popularity,” senior Justin Myers says.

This shows that people also believe that the #MeToo movement may be a movement for only attention and glory, showing how divided peoples opinions are.  Therefore, no matter what happens to Louis CK and any other man who is accused of sexual assault, there will always be the debate of whether the #MeToo movement is valid or not.


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