Are homecoming proposals still happening?


Titans at Poway High have been imagining homecoming night for months now, and finally the big day is almost here. It’s time for guys to finally work up the guts to put glitter on a poster and pick up some sunflowers to ask their crush to the dance with. If they do, the students dreams come true and their in for a special night with their prince charming; but if they do not, the girls hearts are shattered and they debate if they should go to the dance at all.

Is the heartfelt sentiment worth the occasional heartbreak?

“[Homecoming proposals at school] are stupid…ask them outside of school,” senior Sam Armstrong said. While many, especially underclassmen, are asked to homecoming during lunch or after school, others prefer to be asked away from the attention.

“I think homecoming proposals are a fun way to ask someone out and show you appreciate them, but they can be stressful,” junior Sierra Stenger said. Stenger highlights the fun aspects of homecoming while she brings up a strong point: guys are under a tremendous amount of duress to ask a girl out.

“Asking someone to homecoming at school puts a lot of pressure on the males. The peer pressure for guys to bring a date is a lot more than that of a girl to bring a date. It is more socially acceptable for girls to go as a group, which is comical and hypocritical for guys to do,” junior Bailey Langford said.

It is sad that society makes it satisfactory for girls to go to homecoming with dates while boys are coerced to ask a girl or not go at all.

While homecoming can be especially difficult for guys without a date, the event itself brightens the mood on campus as students are filled with anticipation.

“It’s really great that homecoming elevates the social atmosphere of our school and brings lots of excitement to the halls. I love watching reactions to the posters and the anticipation of homecoming it brings,” junior Melody Koshneviszadeh said.

Homecoming is a exhilarating event at Poway High as students joyfully await a fun night with friends, but it comes with the anxiety for girls and guys as they worry if they will be asked or who they will ask.


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