Pros of Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice


People are outraged by the fact that Brett Kavanaugh is the new Supreme Court Justice, nominated by President Trump. The reasoning for this is Dr. Christine Blasely Ford, a Democrat, accused Brett Kavanaugh, a Republican, of sexual abuse, which allegedly occurred in 1982. Upon hearing these accusations, Brett Kavanaugh requested an immediate hearing, but one was not held for two weeks. In those two weeks both Dr. Christine Blasely Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, experienced biased media attacks on their character. Kavanaugh was painted as guilty without proof. Ford was accused of being a liar and that she was mentally cray.  After seven investigations surrounding his qualifications and the allegations, he was cleared of all charges and named Supreme Court Justice.

Seeing now that there is no basis for the allegations against him as a sexual abuser, it is clear now that Brett Kavanaugh’s ideals as Supreme Court Justice could benefit the country.

For example, quoted by Brett himself, he strongly supports the Second Amendment, gun rights and the right to defend ourselves. He defends the governments metadata collection program and says it is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment which protects against unreasonable search and seizure. Kavanaugh believes that Net Neutrality regulations are unlawful and violate the First Amendment. This will not allow censorship or restriction of access on the internet. He believes in religious liberty and that all religions or no religion at all are welcome.

His views regarding regulatory agencies are that they can not interpret the laws to suit their own policies or enforce them. They shall follow federal statutes, and, judges should not defer to agencies for interpretations.

After having his name cleared and only judging him on his qualifications as a Supreme Court Justice, most would conclude that he is a suitable fit for the position.

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