School uniforms; Yes or no?


There is a big debate about the idea of school uniforms there are some pros about school uniforms but there are also some cons. Some pros include: they are time saving so you do not have to spend time picking an outfit, you do not have to worry about what you look like compared to other people, you do not have to by new school clothes every year, etc. However, there are cons, which include: not having the choice to express yourself. Uniforms can also be uncomfortable.

I do not agree with the idea. I like having the option of expressing myself with what I wear. Assistant Principal, Brianne Froumis, thinks the likelihood of Poway High School ever having school uniforms is very low because “some students show their identity through fashion, and it would be a shame to take that away from them”.

People who do support school uniforms argue: it costs less, is easier to get ready in the morning, public awareness for building a brand for your school, etc. However, I would have to respectfully disagree because the cost does not change drastically because school uniforms can be expensive as well. As for getting ready in the morning, just because you have he same thing to wear, does not mean that it has to take you longer to get ready. If you pick out your outfit the night before, then it takes the same amount of time and most people pick out their outfit the night before.

Lastly, do not have students all wearing the same thing with a brand on it, there are other ways to advertise your school.




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