Thirst Project Club


The Thirst Project Club here on the Poway High School campus is a brand new club that hopes to bring awareness to the thirst crisis around the world, especially in third world countries. This club was inspired by a visit to the AP Environmental Science class from representatives of the Thirst Project, who fundraise to build wells in Africa and other areas that need water.

“Our goal is to help educate students at Poway about how we can help countries in need by fundraising to build wells” said President Amaal Idoui.

The club members participate in educational activities and fundraising ideas during the meetings every Friday in B-04. A gofundme will be created to help raise money for building the wells, which last for up to 40 years and can provide for an entire village. This cause is extremely important because it will help people get access to water that they need.

“I think that this club is really important because we don’t realize how much water we use in America and how other countries have to walk for miles just to get one drop” said Junior Bjondina Sopi.

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