Don’t buy consoles!


While it is hard to compare the specs of consoles and PC’s because all PC’s are different, according to, “A $400 computer can easily equal or outperform even the Xbox One or PS4.” This is astonishing because not only do PC’s outperform the consoles with regards to gaming,they are also the same price. On top of this, they also have the ability to do more tasks. For example, you can go from writing an important essay, to editing photos and videos, while also being able to play the same video games as consoles can.

Many consoles gamers might say that playing with a keyboard and mouse is difficult, PC gamers counter that argument by explaining that you can connect a controller to your PC and play games that way. On top of this, in shooter games, playing with a keyboard and mouse is superior to controllers because you have more control over your aim. This is why professional gamers use keyboard and mouse.

Another negative about consoles are that, for every five or six years, a new console comes out. This means that new games only work with the new consoles. In other words, you are forced to purchase the new console to play new games. This is not the case with PC’s. With PC’s, you don’t need to buy a new one every five or six years. Instead, if any of the components within the PC become outdated, and are unable to run new games, you can simply upgrade that single component which is cheaper than buying a whole new console.


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