Teen dating violence

JOSH BUTLER/ Staff Writer

One in every five high school students experience an abusive relationship in some form, emotionally such as degrading comments, verbally such as yelling and acting out, physically such as violence, or all three according to Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

The only ways to avoid abuse is to recognize the signs and acknowledge there are adults on campus that can help.  According to CDC, the major signs of an unhealthy relationship are a lack of communication, feeling defensive, being isolated from your friends and family, being controlled, your significant other engaging in risky behavior; including drinking and smoking, having a lack of trust, and verbally or physically behavior.

“I think having your boyfriends or girlfriends social media passwords is too controlling and it worsen the trust in the relationship leading it to be unhealthy,” senior Cole Westbrook said.

Health teacher Canning describes a red flag in a relationship, “being too dependent on the other person for your source of happiness and not having enough individuality,” she said.

Students, who feel uneasy or unsafe, should reach out to a trusted adult or friend can help. Having someone students can trust listen to, can give them the insight they need with their relationship. Student services specialist Sharon Struck is available during school hours and is ready to listen. Even if your relationship with a friend is controlling, there is ways to get out, the first bit step is communicating.

“Even though you might love someone, always remember it’s just high school, and there is amazing people out there who know how to treat you with respect,” senior Jeff Lubsich.

Some websites to learn more about Teen dating violence are CDC’s Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships, the National Sexual Assault hotline which number is -1-800-656-4673 and National Dating Abuse Hotline hotline which number is 1-866-331-9474.


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