Should College athletes get paid?

JOSH BUTLER/ Staff Writer

Lately there has been a debate on the issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid. College athletes don’t get paid as of now, but the topic continues to be brought up because college athletes from colleges all across the country feel that they should get paid. Student athletes bring in a lot of money to their schools. For example, the NCAA pulls in nearly a billion dollars in revenue each year, but the athletes who make it all happen are not paid for all the work they put in. Critics say that the NCAA exploits student talent to make huge amounts of money and it is time to pay student-athletes a fair wage.

The NCAA likes to argue the vast majority of the money it generates goes back to the players in scholarships or some other form.

“Student-athletes are already compensated with tuition, training and the opportunity to go professional if they want to. If students become employees of the NCAA or their school, the expectation drastically changes and places pressure on students to sideline their education. That’s not what the NCAA stands for” Emmert Banks, a member of NCAA board said.

The NCAA provides players with remarkable opportunities to get an education at the finest universities while motivating them to get the grades needed to further their education and future. If the NCAA was paid their players, the money would become their motivation and education would be less of a priority for them. On the other hand, other student athletes and smaller colleges will argue about the unfairness of paying college athletes. Smaller colleges that might not have the strength financially as their bigger counterparts.  There is already a big gap between a division one school and a division three school and this would just increase the gap even further.  Because many people believe that it would be a positive change to pay college athletes for their efforts. According to Malcolm Lemmons, writing for “the average Division I player is worth $170,098 per year”. This is a lot of money that would not be coming into the school if that particular athlete had not signed on to play.

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