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The Poway High campus is filled with open space, trees, and students who can choose between walking down the multiple different hallways, to class under a clear blue sky. Living in sunny California, all the schools in the Poway Unified School District are fortunate enough to have an open campus.

Students at Poway High are lucky to have many different sitting options to sit at lunch, and most upperclassmen have an off campus pass. But with these privileges, Poway needs to take serious security action to protect students and set boundaries.

“It scares me to think that any person can walk onto our campus at any time, because of how open Poway is,” senior Taylor Elias said.

Fences have been brought up in discussion to the school board. Poway hopes to put fences all around the campus within the next couple of years, with the goal of creating a safe learning environment.

Sneaking off at lunch, skipping class, and hanging around the outside buildings is too easy to do for our students and there needs to be boundaries set.

How the students feel about the fences is the most important feedback since it will affect student life the most.

“I’d feel safer with fences because then our security would not have to drive anywhere they can just sit at one exit day and be ready for action,” senior Hieu Le said.

Some might say putting fences around the school will make the students feel restrained, but the inside of the campus such as the freshman quad, tenth grade hallway, and upperclassmen quad has plenty of room for students to roam around in.

The only time students would notice the fences would be when they enter and leave school. “I feel like fences on campus would help our attendances rate go up since it would limit the opportunities for students to find a way to leave,” senior Diego Ramirez said.

Fences would lessen the chance of an intruder on campus, make students stay on campus, and would possibly release some of the stress on the security guards, since there would only be one exit to monitor. Now that the gates are closed it has been a hard transition for students to get used to but the staff is finally taking action and is making students show their off campus passes every time they leave campus.


Poway High is a really unique school because of its large athletic departments and Performing Arts Center spread around the campus. It’s difficult to fence the whole school around because of the structure but the administration has been working on a project that will take about four to five years to complete fencing all open entrances. The goal is to have our campus sealed off from any harm during and after school. Some cons about it is there is only going to be the front entrance and exit and the back entering the band quad.

“I think that the schools fencing right now is perfectly fine and Poway is a safe community” said Sophomore Jake Murray.

Poway is waiting for the district to approve the fencing then the process will get started.  For now security and administration will be trying to influence to front and back entrance and exits in a positive way but they know that kids will use other ways to get on and off campus.

“The main problem isn’t kids sneaking off campus, sure that are bad but what is really concerning is people coming on. Someone can easily hop a fence but if someone sees a person hopping it, it can be helpful to alert security” Assistant Principal Aaron Little said.

In a few years when we’re all gone the campus will be fenced off from all other places besides the main two entrances and exits.


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