New gate security


Most people do not think about how they walk into school. They park their car and simply just walk in through whatever is closest. That is all about to change. Poway High is in the process of creating only two entrances into the school. One is going to be in the front of the school and one is going to be in the back, near the N buildings. It looks to be working, with staff standing at the other entrances reminding them to go a different way.

“The main reason for this is to filter the students” according to Campus Supervisor Gene Morris.

Anyone can walk into the campus because of its multiple gates and openings. If the students are filtered there are only two places that students can come and go. Before, Administration feels like people can walk on and off the campus when they feel like, but now Poway High personnel can see everyone coming and going throughout school, which includes with people who have off-campus passes, off rolls, and encourages visitors to check in with attendance.

This also increases safety throughout the school. Now, instead of the possible danger of students leaving in different areas, when they inform no one, the students will be going through specific areas where there are witnesses.

There is also the possibility of intruders coming into the campus. If the school only has two entrances then it will be much harder for an intruder to come in undetected. With multiple gates somebody could walk off the street and just enter through one of the many numerous gates. Again, this ensures safety for all students and staff.

Students have revolted against the gates and have started to sign a petition to open the school back up.

Junior Sammy Atallah is leading the protest, “We would feel a lot safer if the gates were unlocked because it limits a way to get out of the school and just creates trouble. There is a chance if we get enough signatures they will consider opening the gates back up.”

Whether or not the gates are reopened remains to be seen, but hopefully everyone can come to a compromise that suits both the students and staff.

Taylor Johnson and Caden Vermillia getting their passes checked to head off campus.
Marissa Harrison going off campus for lunch.
Mia Cervantes getting her pass checked.

Photos by STEVEN FERRY/ Staff Writer

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