Students want Halloween off


Most holidays students have off. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even random Professional Growth days. Students should have the day off after Halloween because it is regarded as a holiday and would improve everyone’s thoughts on taking days off. Students get a professional growth day a week before Halloween, so we can just move it and everyone will be happier.

There are also good reasons for why we should not get the day off. It is right in the middle of the week and it would be weird if we get a Thursday off. Then there is a wide belief that students doing anything on Halloween is a personal decision. There is nobody forcing students to go out on a weeknight and party. Students fully know that they have school the next day and they should be in attendance. Poway also has a curfew so technically students should not be out later than 11. This should all guarantee students to be well rested and present the day after Halloween.

Along with Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday. Christmas break is two weeks, which includes New Years and is passed as a religious holiday. Thanksgiving is one week and is taken off because of American History’s remembrance with colonizing the New World. We get weeks off for those holidays but not even a day for Halloween. The School District knows that students are up late at night but do not give us the day off and expect us to pay full attention and keep up with learning. Students get a big workload during the week so having a day off after a holiday is not asking for too much.

There is no doubt that most high school students love to have fun. Halloween falls in the middle of the week and it creates an awkward holiday for students. As they have homework and deadlines for major tests during the week but also want to have fun and celebrate. This problem can be resolved by getting the day off after Halloween so students do not have to worry about homework and tests. They can get a good night sleep and be ready the following day to come to school and learn.


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