Death to Seniority!


This year junior class won the fourth annual airband battle of the classes.

This is the first time the senior class has ever lost…

The winner was supposed to be announced at the football game on October 12th in the post game show, but do to thunder and lightning the game was cancelled with four minutes left in the first quarter. Some of student body got word that the junior class won over the announcements in third period on October 17.

With Poway’s Homecoming airband tradition only four years old, replacing the Homecoming float building, this makes the class of 2019 the very first class to have ever performed because the freshman airband goes first. The class of 2019 had a very small group of only 16 students, went out there with a lot of courage and performed, and the class got last place.

Out of these 16 students, nine danced this year knowing it was their year to not be embarrassed and were absolutely devastated that the tradition of seniors winning has been broken. These students have waited four long years to finally win, making the embarrassment of freshman year worth it.

But no, the tradition has been broken and oh so very unfairly only for the class of 2019.

Last year, the class of 2019 gave a stellar performance that gave the class of 2018 a run for their money. The class of 2018 won.

Of course the class of 2019 was upset, but understood it would be their time to shine.

After all that, the hard work has not paid off for the class of 2019. They have lost all their respect for the airband tradition.

They went through the unfairness of the winning dance going to the senior class but did not get that same treatment.

So I leave you with the question :Why the class of 2019? The very first kids to ever perform the new tradition? What has this class done to deserve this?


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