College Application Deadlines

CAMDYN O’ DONNEL/ Staff Writer

As October rolls around the seniors anxiety shoots up due to the daunting college applications and deadlines.

“I really wish there was a class to help us apply for college.” senior Grace Calegari.

A class is not available but seniors received a brief presentation from their counselors in their homeroom class. This presentation is was only a short 20 minutes leaving many students more confused from before.

“Feel free to come in and I will help you with the process” Blanca Arguien.

Students can come in during break or lunch.

The seniors have also been getting called out during class to meet with their counselor. Many students got called in for their meeting before they started applying, therefore they did not have any questions to ask.

The CSU application opened up on October 1st and the deadline is November 29. This application goes to schools like San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos.

Students applying to the common application schools from August 1 to January 1.

There are different types of application the counselors did not go over though. There is regular decision, early action, early decision and rolling admission. These can be explained more in depth by your counselor.

“ I had to go out of my way and pay for a college counselor to help me with my process,” senior Tevai De Mello.

Getting a college counselor is an option many students take, this can be very expensive though.

The counselors provided by the school should be able to help the students so this money does not need to be spent.


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