Club Rush


Club rush was held on Sept. 26, an event where all the clubs showcase what their club stands for in the sophomore and freshman quad.

“Club involvement is a necessity on campus because it gives every student an opportunity to find a place where they belong”, said senior Marissa Harrison, a senior in ASB.

Poway High is home to 45 clubs and any student from any grade level can join as many as they want, clubs can build friendships and influence what career you want to have in the future.

Best Pals club on campus builds students friendships with our special education program students. “Best pals has impacted my life in many ways. I feel like it has made me more compassionate since I learn new things from them every day”, said their senior Vice President, Ashlyn Fitzpatrick.

With college deadlines coming up, Fitzpatrick has made the decision of wanting to become a special needs teacher because of her experiences gained from being involved with best pals.

The clubs on campus can be pathway for finding passion, making connections, and placing students with others who have the same interests as them.

President of Natural High, senior Roya Ghaseminejad, explained how important her clubs is to her, “Natural high to me means having the ability to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without having to resort to drug or substance abuse”, she said.

It is not too late to join any of Poway’s 45 clubs! Best pals meets every Thursday at lunch in D6 and Natural High meets every Wednesday in C9. If students are interested in joining any clubs offered on campus, ASB will have more information in room H1.


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