Poway Grad Nite

Danielle Isbell. Staff Writer.

Although Grad Nite may seem far away, all Poway High Seniors are highly encouraged to sign up early.

Right now Grad Nite tickets are selling right on schedule compared to those in years past, which lead Grad Nite Committee members to believe in a large turnout.

Tickets now cost $130 and the prices will go up to $150.

Although many students have bought tickets, many still do not have the required waver form completed.

If you have bought a ticket but have not completed and signed the waver form you will not get in. These forms can be found and picked up in the office or can be found and printed off of the website http://powayptsa.org. Once signed, you can take them back to the front office or it can be emailed to the Chair of Ticketing Grad Nite subcommittee Sue Snyder at ssnyder7@cox.net.

The warehouse that has been used in previous years for construction activities, like build up and storage is now unavailable for use. Though it is less than ideal, the Grad Nite committee is using Trailer W7 by the tennis courts. Parents who wish to volunteer can work on the weekends from 9a.m. to 4p.m.

“We all hope that many people come. It takes a lot of work and organizing, and I hope the students enjoy it,” Snyder said

The Design and Construction subcommittees are making some really amazing materials for the theme “Midnight in Paris” including an Eiffel Tower and a Paris skyline, and the hope is that all students attend to experience it.

For more information, go to the Gad Nite website; http://www.powayptsa.org/Grad%20Nite/gradniteinfo.html#.

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