Mrs. Struck


LUKE SOMMER/ Staff Writer

Mrs. Struck is a part of student services at Poway High. She is a certified addiction counselor and certified prevention specialist who is always available to aid students through any personal issue.


One of the scariest things that can ever happen to a student is when they fall into the pit of darkness that is adversity, a time of trial or hardship that may seem impossible to overcome. At times, adversity seems like an inescapable trap that will keep a person ensnared. Countless students have fallen into in to the pit and many do not know how to climb out. Luckily for those students who find themselves stuck, Mrs. Struck can help them out.

Sharon Struck, a certified addiction counselor and certified prevention specialist, is a member of the Students Services team. Her specialty is support groups including ones for the LGBTQ+ community, alcohol and drug addiction recovery, along with support groups for general help.

Some falsely believe “support groups,” are therapy. “It’s not therapy. It’s really students helping one another and I am just there as a facilitator. The students really have each other’s backs and keep each other’s confidence.” Struck said.

The support groups are a place for a person who is having a hard time with various issues. Students talk to other students, bounce ideas off each other and receive positive feedback. All the groups have a confidential and safe atmosphere. Struck does her job by letting the students lead and taking control of how they want the group to go.

In any student’s high school career there will be hard times and it’s always best to talk about those obstacles. “Student services is a team of qualified staff, who is there for the students and always ready to help,” Struck said.

Struck, along with all of student services, is there for the students. They are eager to help and want every student to know that there is always a place where they belong.


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