Voggenthaler Breaks Water polo scoring record

By TOR STANSBURY/ Staff Writer

Voggenthaler sprints for a dead ball.
Captain Aaron Voggenthaler drives towards the goal. This was the record breaking goal.

Senior Aaron Voggenthaler broke Poway’s 276 career scoring record for boys varsity water polo. The current scoring record at Poway High School was 276 goals.

Voggenthaler currently has broken the record with 277 goals on September 13 at Mt. Carmel High School. He had a sensational bar down shot to secure hi

Voggenthaler has been on the boys varsity water polo team since he was a freshman, which means when Aaron was 14 he was playing with guys who were 18.

“Aaron has put in the work and now he is receiving the awards he deserves”, senior captain Henry Wagner said.

The senior captain has been playing water polo since he was in the third grade at eight years old.

Voggenthaler has also competed in junior olympics since he was in third grade. Every summer for five days straight Voggenthaler attended the biggest championship tournament in the country.

A lot of Voggenthaler’s success comes from his play calling, “My favorite play to run is ‘Sturges’ it opens up opportunities for the offense,” said Voggenthaler. Senior captain Zach Rath on the team has a big influence on the team’s performance.

Both Rath and Voggenthaler are currently the top two scorers on the team. “Our team has a lot of potential,” said Rath. Their team has a record of 6-2.


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