XXX Tribute


The beloved rapper Xxxtentacion also known as X, was shot while he was getting robbed June. His death was a tragedy and a major loss in the rap game.

In X’s early days of making music on the app Soundcloud he made very loud and “more hatred” rap. More recently, though, X made sad music to simply reach out to people with depression and let them know that he is there for him. Not only did X affect the rap game, but he touched mass amounts of people around the world.

“When I found out he died I actually cried,” exclaimed junior Dj Owens. X was loved by millions, and impacted the lives many.

“Man I’ve liked his music for so long, since back in his screaming days,” added Owens. X claims that he suffered from Depression and anxiety and he aimed to make music to help people like him cope with their problems.

“I like him, but that’s just not my type of rap,” said junior Davis Harrison. He added that he likes some of X’s more popular songs. This is surprising considering is presented as an icon to most.

“To be honest with you X’s music speaks to me,” Chase Lyman said. Chase wasn’t a huge fan of X on Soundcloud when he did a more hardcore very loud rap, but when his debut album “17” dropped that’s when he started to enjoy his music.

X was well respected, a big reason for this are his charity events. One of which he bought a couple dozen gaming consoles and games, and gave them to the less fortunate. More recently X’s “final wish” was to feed 1000 people in Miami. I too was a big fan of X for a long time. I was shocked when i found out, I couldn’t believe it.



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