Morp Fashion Show

By JAKE BECKWITH/ Staff Writer

morP was a big hit Sept.8. A lot of people don’t know that morP is prom spelled backwards, so instead of dressing formally, students dress in wacky, bright colors. It is a great first dance for kids to get their wild side out.

On the Wednesday before morP, the school held a fashion show at lunch.“The fashion show is a great way to show the incoming freshman what to wear,” senior model Mark Delancey.

“The unlimited Italian ice is a great idea for when taking a break from dancing,”another student, sophomore Konnor Chin, said.

There were more activities to do besides dancing, like ping pong and even spike ball. In addition Students were allowed to take crazy, memorable photos at morP at the photo booth. On top of that the DJ played the hottest remixes around.

Another part of morP is that it is extremely hot in the gym, so next year be ready to break a sweat!

All in all students should definitely go to morP and hang out with their friends because “ASB really takes a lot of time to make morP a very memorable moment for high school students, that’s why I think all students should attend the dance,” sophomore ASB member Jake Murray said.

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