Robert Gormish


A campus role model is someone who is kind, responsible and someone that the underclassmen can look up to as the right way to act. Junior Robert Gormish possesses all of these and much more.

His big heart and outgoing attitude makes him a highly likeable guy that functions as the ideal image of what a good student, and peer looks like. He works tremendously hard in school and is working to go extend his education at his dream college, Colorado State University. His above average grades and helpful mindset, gives him the qualifications to be a great campus role model.

“Rob is a classic guy,” senior Jack Estepp said

Gormish’s reputation around campus makes him the ideal campus role model because he is always willing to help his peers and stands up for what is right. Underclassmen should watch the way Gormish carries himself on and off campus and use it as a template for the ideal temperament. He deserves more recognition for the positive attitude he brings with him to campus every day.

“I just try and stick up for what’s right and make sure our campus is a good environment that the rest of the students and I feel safe being at” Gormish said.

His response to the question of how he tries to carry himself furthers the point that he makes the best campus role model. The humbleness for someone of this greatness is unmatched and he repeatedly shows his grace and compassion every day.


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