Student Section gets assigned to McGrath


Junior Kellen McGrath is going to be the student section leader for the 2018-2019 student section leader.


The passing down of the Triton from the current senior student section leader to the junior who will take over the role has been a long Poway tradition. Receiving the triton is a huge honor for any student because the holder should be the most spirited Titan.

Seniors Trevor Riley and Camden Gallagher have decided to pass the Triton down to junior Kellen McGrath. McGrath has been a member of ASB his whole high school career and has become known for his hilarious heckling directed towards the other team during basketball and lacrosse games.

“It has been a dream of mine to lead the student section, and I have big plans for the section. I don’t just want to have students show up for football and basketball games to cheer on our Titans, I want to get crowds for every sport on our campus,” McGrath said.

“We always had Kellen in mind to take over the role of leader. He has proved to us time and time again he has the skills necessary to get his fellow students fired up” Senior Trevor Riley said.

McGrath is a water polo player, and will be playing during the fall could interfere with Kellen being able to attend football games; however, he insists he will be in attendance to football games week in and week out.


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