Titans compete in the annual Dodgeball tournament


The Fellas line up and shake hands with the Baseball B team before the game.


It’s our favorite time of the school year, Dodgeball time. The heavily favored Campiones team demolished every team in their way. Some other favorites lost pretty early including the baseball A team and Christian Bonners team the “Lap Hogs.”

“They play smart and with strategy” Junior Kaden Middleton said about the Campiones.

Dodgeball squad. The Campiones team includes Trevor Riley, Craig Martins, Trevor George, Garrett Van Nostrand, Noah Araujo, Oliver Fideller, Matt Blackburn, and Seth Murphy.

Team Campiones was never down or losing during the entire tournament. They seem to be unstoppable, but they had to face a tough staff team next.

The Dodgeball game was played with two teams on each side on the court and each team has eight players on it. There starts with four balls on each side of the court and the objective of the game is to hit the other players on the other team with the balls. Once you hit someone on the other team they go out, and once everyone is out on the other team, your team wins. If you throw a ball and the other team catches it, you are out and the other team gets to bring someone that already got out back.

The Fellas, one of the better looking teams lost in the semis to the baseball B team. “We just didn’t play as good as we should have against the baseball B team”

Robert Gormish, a fellow fella team member said. In all we all love and want to win Dodgeball.


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