Coachella 2018

AMINA IDOUI / Staff Writer

Despite the high temperatures, climbing up to 105 on Sunday, Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival was a magical one filled with fun and festivities. I was in a different world for a few days, dancing and exploring among thousands of kind, genuine souls with the same appreciation for music.

Beyonce, the first black female headliner of Coachella, was the most anticipated set of the weekend with a beautiful display conveying a powerful message concerning racism and inequality. She demanded women recognize their power and beauty. She refused to succumb to racial stereotypes and spoke of the recent police crime towards African Americans. Attendees moved to rename the festival to ‘Beychella’ in honor of the historic moment.

Other wonderful performers included EDM DJ Rezz, Tyler, the Creator and SZA. The festival concluded with a set from rap legend Eminem, who brought out 50 cent and Dr. Dre.

There were seven uniquely designed stages, with the EDM stage shaped like a half dome and an artsy stage with jutting green and yellow pieces. The speakers where top-of-the-line, delivering an optimal experience that burst my eardrums during Flatbush Zombies on Saturday.

In addition to the stacked lineup there were beautiful art creations displayed throughout the huge venue. ‘Supernova’ and ‘Ethera’ were favorites. Supernova was a huge star shaped figure colored with bright reds, yellows, and greens. The Coachella website describes Supernova as “an explosion of light and color that exudes optimism and hope…jutting 40 feet in every direction”. Ethera was 3 wire mesh sculptures of the same building but in three different sizes, that “breathe through the clouds and the wind, transferring the cosmic archetype of the sky into ephemeral domes through the language of classic architecture”. The sky was dotted with palm trees with the iconic Coachella ferris wheel. The instagram pictures and snapchats were unsurprisingly rampant.

A movement to reduce littering and become ‘green’ was prominent all around, with beautifully decorated trash cans as well as regular trash cans with separate containers for recycling, compost and trash.

But alas, the highly anticipated and most popular music festival of the year, has finally come to an end, to the dismay of attendees and to the delight of those stuck constantly hearing about the event on social media. It truly does live up to expectations, and the hefty price tag was worth such an experience.

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