Maze Runner’s Final Chapter


The third and final Maze Runner movie, The Death Cure, came out on Jan 26. On IMDb, the movie was rated 7.1/10 and 94% of Google users liked it. The movie was very good and the plot seemed to really improve from the previous two movies.

The previous movie, The Scorch Trials ends with Teresa giving away the hiding place of all the immunes, which are people who cannot get the disease. When WCKD, the place that sent Thomas and his friends into the maze in the first movie, comes to the hiding place, they took Minho, one of the immune. At the end of the movie, Thomas is determined to find him and bring him back.

In The Death Cure, Thomas must try to find out how to get back into the WCKD headquarters, where they have Minho. In the beginning viewers see Thomas and some of his other friends trying to get Minho out of a shipping container, being transported by WCKD. Minho is in the headquarters of WCKD now and Thomas and his friends must try to get Minho back so that they don’t continue to try to extract immunity from his blood, to battle the scorch, which is basically being a zombie.

The Death Cure is an overall phenomenal movie, and the plot improved tremendously. The writers took some serious risks that really worked out for them. Dylan O’Brien, the actor who plays Thomas’ acting was truly mind boggling. He really put himself into the mindset of his character.

Also, Thomas Brodie Sangster, the actor who played Newt, did an awesome job with his character. In the previous movies, his character seemed to be pretty happy and positive all the time, and in the final movie the audience could really see that the character couldn’t be happy and positive in the situation he was in, yet, he was still funny and sarcastic as he has always been.

All in all, The Death Cure was astonishing. The actors really brought the whole movie together and ended the series strongly. The writers and producers did well with the creation of the movie and putting it all together. The movies definitely did justice to the books, which are amazing. The movies have cut out some really good parts of the books but the movies are awesome, almost as awesome as the books.

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