Poway Needs More Lunch Tables


Lunch at school is a thirty minute period where you can rest your mind, socialize and eat. While many students have lunch tables to eat their food, students especially by the freshmen and sophomore quads, do not have tables to eat from. Most are forced to sit on ledges by the plants and even sit on the floor. Some students eat from their car for the lack of tables.

Eating from your lap is uncomfortable and messy and sitting on the hard, concrete floor for 30 minutes will leave you with a sore behind for all of fourth period. A great fix to this problem is to line the hallways between classes with tables similar to the ones in the senior quad. This could fix the complication with standing and sitting at lunch time.

Sophomore, Tanner Swindall says, “I think it is very unfair that we don’t have tables in our quad at lunch, it sucks having to sit on the floor and eat. Because of the inconvenience, I am forced to eat in class, where we have tables.”

It is unfortunate that students have no choice, but to eat in class and risk getting in trouble with the teachers. As a result, adding new tables at lunch time will improve the overall feeling of lunch time at Poway High School.

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