How You Should Present Yourself at the Olympics

MATTEO CORONA / Staff Writer

Red Gerard, an american athlete, won gold for men’s slopestyle at the winter Olympics, so if you wanted to base your snowboarding off him, he would be a great role model, but he would be a terrible one based on how he prepared and presented himself.

The Olympics are broadcasted live across the world, which means how they see you act on television is how they will perceive you. Red Gerard preceded to drop the F-bomb while getting interviewed after winning gold. Now people will assume that he is a teenager who does stupid stuff at school.

Not only did he drop an F-bomb he also overslept, almost missing his event, because he was watching Netflix late at night. This just furthers the impression that he’s just a regular teenager who does not care.The fact that he was up late knowing he had to snowboard the next day at the Olympics just shows that he did not not think that the Olympics were a big deal. People will think he has an ego; that he thinks more of himself than his team.

Athletes should present themselves at the Olympics by dressing nice, not cursing on live television, and making sure they sleep and wake up on time. People would consider Gerard a better person if he presented himself better. He shattered his personal image by cussing and by oversleeping.

If you want to present yourself better at any event just do the opposite of what Red Gerard did. First impressions matter because people judge you in this world, and its hard to change their mind once they judge you.

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