CW TV shows return

Zak Kiesel / Sports Editor

After another almost month-long break, multiple CW shows are returning with new episodes. Even after the mid-season break that took place from the middle of December to late January, shows such as The Flash and Arrow took another break from the beginning of February to the end of the month to avoid competing against the Winter Olympics, and the shows returned just a couple weeks ago.

Most shows only took a two-three week break, but Legends of Tomorrow ended up taking a two-month hiatus and Riverdale a one-month break. Supergirl briefly returned from the mid-season break and did not return the same time as the other shows because Legends of Tomorrow took its time slot and there have been difficulties on set too. This break, though, did not affect any storylines or plot points, with all shows picking up right where they left off.

iZombie just returned for its fourth season on Feb. 26, not being affected by the mid-season or the Winter Olympic break.

Black Lightning, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Arrow, and Supernatural only took a couple weeks off for the Winter Olympics, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was not affected and ran without any break, but just wrapped up on Feb. 16.

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