Teachers armed and ready

Beau DeLee / Staff Writer

Over the last couple of years the United States has experienced many devastating school shootings. With more and more shootings happening, parents of students want more protection for their child at school.

With the protection of students at school is in question some suggest that teachers should now be armed to protect their students.This would act as a deterrent towards shooters and could be used to save lives, or could possibly lead to more problems and accidents.

“I do not think teachers should carry concealed weapons. We were not trained nor want to be trained to use a weapon, that is not what I got into teaching for. We want to protect our children but carrying a weapon is not the answer” stated Mindy Karp.

Schools and police will now be taking new action to protect students. “I’m really torn on the decision, While arming teachers could lower perpetrators entering schools, teachers don’t have the training to use the weapon, especially in a high pressure situation’’ new school Resource Officer B. Groves said.“ If an incident ever occured here I would put every student in front of myself and do whatever necessary to ensure the safety of everyone” Groves said.

As more tragic events happen the Administration has already begun discussions about new safety methods for the school. Schools such as Westview and Del Norte have two entrances while Poway has nearly 13 different ways to get onto campus.“I do not think teachers should carry concealed weapons, because they are here to teach, not to shoot weapons, as accidents do happen. We have already began and will keep improving our safety code so every student is safe and feels welcomed at our school,” principal Ron Garrett Said.

As school shootings continue, schools will now have new safety requirements and stricter guidelines.

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