Spoiler-free Black Panther movie review

Zak Kiesel / Sports Editor

Marvel Studios released their newest movie Black Panther on February 16 and it has been a success from both critics and fans. Everyone agrees that the new superhero movie tackles social issues while still keeping the same creativity and fantastical aspect that all Marvel movies have.

The movie follows Prince T’Challa, also known as superhero Black Panther, from the hidden and fictional country of Wakanda, Africa, and his new opportunities and responsibilities after his father, King T’Chaka, was murdered in a previous Marvel film: Captain America: Civil War. Because Black Panther takes place directly after the third Captain America film, it deals with the immediate aftermath of the King getting assassinated, allowing his son T’Challa the chance to rise up from Prince and become the new King of Wakanda. An unknown assassin, known as Killmonger, shows up uninvited and immediately threatens to take the throne for himself, posing a great threat for Black Panther.

Some of the social commentary in the movie can relate to our society and attempts to engage the audience in an ethical debate regarding foreign policies. When he takes the mantle, many moral questions arise for the young king, such as should a first-world country offer aid a struggling nation but risk its effective status of isolation?

Overall, the movie was a good mix of humor, familial and romantic relationships, and action. Killmonger was especially an intriguing character that won’t succumb to the same fate that almost all Marvel villains face of being forgettable. He was given a tragic backstory and gained the sympathy of the viewers, making him an effective villain.

T’challa was also a very likeable character, and could easily carry a whole franchise if Marvel gives him the opportunity. Unlike most other superheroes, the king is shown as a humble and mature human and does not have to go through a major personal character development plot line.

Black Panther was definitely one of the best Marvel movies made so far. It had many exciting action scenes while maintaining dramatic and moving scenes. Everyone should see it because it tackles important social issues but offers the same excitement as any other action movie.

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