Senioritis Plagues Titans’ Final Year


The idea of Senioritis has been put down as a universal myth among high school campuses. Senioritis the lack of motivation to do work and to blow off all school related responsibilities during one’s senior year. Many people doubt that Senioritis is a real thing, but it’s easy to say, it definitely exists.

“I had always heard about it during my underclassmen years and questioned if it were a real thing. About two weeks into the year I finally understood what Senioritis meant,” senior Reilly Catrambone said.

The lack of motivation and drive to complete school responsibilities is nothing to joke about. Students who have maintained high GPA’s throughout their four years are now complacent grades they would not have been earlier due to lesser drive to put in the work.

“It is clear that some students are ready to shut down. They just need to know that graduation is right around the corner so they need to pull through for just a bit longer,” said Pat Pillsbury, who teaches a Civics course soley for seniors.

“I know it’s my last year, but I just can’t wait to get out here,” senior Cooper Fowler said.

Although senior year is supposed to be the best year of one’s high school career, it is also the most anxious year for many seniors. Many can’t wait to graduate and attend the college of their choice.

For others, college may not be an option, but they are still excited to start the new chapter of their young adulthood and pave the way for the rest of their lives. Seniors can prevent the effects of Senioritis by not losing sight of the main goal, which is graduating high school. The rest of the lower classmen, juniors in particular, can learn from the previous students who let Senioritis get the best of them; they can avoid the consequences, which include falling behind in school, getting lazy, and blowing off school related responsibilities.

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