School Shooting Awareness Saves Lives

NYIAH MOORE / Staff Writer

School shootings are no longer a surprise. They are becoming more common as the years go by. The trouble is that they are potentially preventable but there is no action being done to stop them.

School shootings are not a joking matter, they need to be taken more seriously, and something needs to be done to actually help put them to an end. If more and more school shootings and/or threats continue, shouldn’t there be a plan of action for more security on campus, drills that are more viable and well thought out, or other precautions like limiting the access to particular weapons?

The first step would be reporting a threat to authorities if it is heard, read, or shown; do not blow off a threat and don’t be afraid to speak out concerns for the safety of others. It is time to stop joking and start speaking up and being serious in situations such as this. The City of Poway, for instance, is now using a 24-hour hotline for students, parents, teachers and community members to report potential threats to schools in Poway. Messages left on the toll-free hotline will be monitored by the Poway Sheriff’s Station.

The recent school shooting in Florida, for example, had many chances to be prevented. There were many indications that Nikolas Cruz was a potential school shooter: he told people online that he is going to be a school shooter, he messaged classmates with death threats, his parents reported that he had “put a gun to others’ heads in past”, and the authorities visited his home 39 times–two of which were FBI tips. Yet Nikolas Cruz got onto campus, putting his reign of terror into action.

It has been suggested to supply and arm the school staff with weapons in case of severe emergencies like school shootings. To prevent a school shooting, or a student having a gun on campus for malicious reasons, our president Donald Trump wants to put more guns on campus. If one does not feel safe with a single student roaming around the campus with the gun, how would one feel more comfortable with a gun in the same classroom as them that their teacher, or anyone potentially, could access?

If guns are the problem, involving more guns will not solve anything. Kids are already afraid enough of going to school at this time due to the risk and fear of school shootings. They will only be more fearful and stressed to come to school if they know that there are weapons on campus. Students may not come to school at all if that were to happen.

Having more security on campus is a better solution than putting more guns on campus. Strengthening gun control laws would be an even greater solution at this point. Again, simply paying attention to the signs of a threat and making others aware of it would be completely beneficial. In addition, if a student is exhibiting such signs, without hesitation they should be expelled because they are violating the safety of everyone at the school.

Our society needs to start looking out for other, not provoking each other as Rancho Bernardo high school students demonstrated through their own threat to shoot up the school shortly after the Florida shooting. The lives of others is a serious matter and it needs to be taught that lashing out violently and threats can no longer be tolerated if we want to stop this epidemic of back to back school shootings and back to back deaths of innocent lives.

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