Dismissed: The Drama You Don’t Want to Miss


A student who has gotten perfect grades his whole life and his English teacher gives him a B+ on his paper, he starts to go through a psychotic spiral. The movie is Dismissed and it came to Netflix on October 8.

Dylan Sprouse, brother of the Riverdale star, Cole Sprouse, stars as Lucas Ward. He is the perfect person for this role. He plays the psycho role astonishingly. The interesting thing about Dismissed is that Lucas is so organized and clean, yet when he starts to spiral, his tendencies change and he becomes less meticulous.

Lucas is truly one of the creepiest characters. He can seem so sweet and sympathetic, but truly he is only in it for himself. He manipulates everyone in his life to do what he wants them to. His father is a defense attorney and seems to be afraid of what Lucas is capable of. Lucas had other teachers at previous schools that have also been the victim of Lucas’ torture.

The whole cast of this movie is so awesome, they all worked together really well and the movie comes together because of the cast. They all worked really hard on this project, especially Dylan Sprouse and Kent Osborne, who played Mr. Butler, the English teacher that Lucas begins to torture after he gives him a B+. They all were very strong actors and did justice to this movie.

The movie is so amazing, it was so suspenseful, it keeps people on the edge of their seat the whole time. It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen next. The fact that it’s on Netflix makes the movie even better because it’s so easily accessible.

Dismissed brings forth a realization that psychopaths aren’t so easy to notice. Lucas seems so normal even though he is a murderous sociopath. It makes the viewer paranoid. This movie was such a creepy and dark psychological thriller.

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