Teachers deserve more respect

YANPEI WANG / Staff Writer

Students should give teachers more respect. Some students should be more aware that teachers are human too, and not everyone can agree with the same thoughts. Since teachers are the most recognizable people at school, more students should have more respect for them. For example, some students can be rude by talking back to a teacher or be rebellious by not doing what the teacher told them to do.

There is not a lot for a teacher can do to discipline a student. For example, students may be defiant, and teachers almost have no way to have authority over them other than give them detention or a referral/call home.

Also, teachers have it hard enough, they are stuck planning tests and new assignments on their breaks, while students can fun and be happy. Teachers deserve more respect because they can help students with their future and  assist them to their learning.

Teachers create a better learning environment and give up a lot for the students. Some teachers don’t get all the respect they deserve and rebellious students can give teachers an even harder time they already have. Also, many parents can quickly accuse teachers for failing their child. Parents usually look at teachers for not teaching correctly for giving a failing grade to their children.

Everyone should give teachers the respect they deserve. They create a great pathway for students to follow to provide a better time to come and work hard to provide the best learning experience for you and try give you the best future. Teachers really appreciate respect from loving and caring students.

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