Fifth Year takes the stage for suicide awareness

Fifth Year

HANNAH WILLIAMS / Editor-in-Chief

Band fever hits Poway again when thew band “Fifth Year” takes the stage. Two of its four members are Poway High students, including senior Nolan Adameic on bass and junior Alex Leverette on drums.
Executing pure pop punk, Fifth Year’s sound is heavily influenced by Poway’s own Blink-182 and the 90’s local band music scene.
Adameic met his lead singer, Jayven Rangel, at Warp tour and right off the bat talked of forming a band. After their latest addition, lead guitatist Matt Rempell, joined the crew, the band looked for that one person who could hold a beat. Finally, the search ended as they recruited Emerald Brigade Drumline’s very own Alex Leverette.
“One of the band members was going through his fifth year of community college, and the thought of being super seniors, sparked the name idea for not only our name but our logo,” Adameic said. Their logo being an “F” stamp, which represents failing out of school and becoming a super senior.
“Our inspiration for this idea is simple. We just wanted to be in a band, and when the chance came we jumped at the opportunity,” Adameic said.
One of their songs, “Heartless” became one of their favorites because it brought the band together. “We practiced it so much it got to the point where everyone was tired and frustrated, and we could really see who each other was,” Leverette said. The song was about a girl who leads on guys, and doesn’t really care about what she does to your heart.
On Dec. 2, Fifth Year was featured at a house party concert, hosted by “Supporting to Write Love on Her Arms,” a non-profit movement dedicated to giving hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. There, the band pumped up the crowd with their upbeat tune as they opened for other bands such as Mainsail and Stick Bitz.
After their colorful performance, Fifth Year is back in the studio to continue writing rad music. Information about future performances will be posted on their Instagram: @Fifthyearband.

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