Astros Win


We have crowned the new kings of baseball for the year 2017 and now that the Astros have won the World Series, let us recap on arguably one of the most exciting World Series in the history of the sport.

The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 7 in LA to be crowned World Series champions. This was a very exciting World Series, with a record setting 25 combined home runs by both teams in seven games. That is astonishing, considering the pitching staffs that were on display: Clayton Kershaw, who’s viewed as baseball’s best pitcher; Dallas Kuechel, who’s a recurring all star; and Justin Verlander, a guaranteed hall of famer, along with very good pitchers like Yu Darvish and Rich Hill. The unexpected offense was mainly down to the elite offense that both teams possess, but even so, nobody saw this sort of hitting coming at all.

One thing I have noticed in baseball, now that the Astros have won, is that the teams that continue to win the World Series are practically always the same team. Now, I understand how confusing that sounds considering over the past four years we have had big markets like San Francisco and Chicago win as well as smaller markets like Kansas City and Houston. But one element that all of these teams possess is that they are made of a bunch of young stars, drafted and brought up through their organizations, with very few free agent acquisition. Meanwhile these teams that keep getting to the World Series and losing are teams assembled through money and trades rather than building through the draft. Clearly this trend should be a message to GM’s all over the league.

After this postseason, baseball is completely on the rise in the world of sports. It has been a long time since baseball has been king of the sportsland in America, but with declining ratings due to the social controversies in the NFL, and the elitist element inside the NBA, baseball, through its young stars such as Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge, has unexpectedly driven itself on to the top of the sports world.

This postseason has been extremely entertaining and the World Series was the perfect way to cap it off. One can only hope to continue and see great things from the sport of baseball once again.


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