Riverdale review


After the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom is solved, the town of Riverdale thought their troubles were over and believed their lives would go back to normal. Unfortunately, they were far from going back to normal as an ominous serial killer by the name of the Black Hood comes out from the shadows.

This ‘Black Hood’ first appears at the end of season one, shooting Archie’s father in the diner. Things only digress from there as Archie takes the killings personal, forming a group called the Red Circle full of football players looking for justice. The town is in chaos with the Northside blaming the Southside for these killings, breaking the town further in two.

As this divide continuously grows, Betty is facing her own struggles with the Black Hood. The Black Hood calls to Betty, claiming that they know each other and explaining that she is why he’s doing this. He plays with her emotions, forcing her to push everyone in her life out.

“This second season of Riverdale has had a handful of surprises. From Jughead becoming a Serpent to the Black Hood and Betty’s twisted relationship being the biggest. It has made the show more interesting and has made characters develop, showing their true colors,” senior Mara Spivey said.

The arrival of the Black  Hood has definitely brought out the characters true colors. It has revealed Archie’s intense fear and anger that he holds inside him. He is far from that sweet and innocent boy we saw in season one. Betty, too, is showing a darker side. She is acting as the Black Hoods eyes and ears due to threats on her sister’s life. Although she doesn’t want to do these things for the Black Hood, she makes no effort to stop him or tell the cops.

“(The second season) is a lot darker than the first. Much more intense. It’s an enjoyable and thrilling experience that I can’t get enough of,” senior Anna Lozada said.

This season has taken a much more morbid turn from the first, exploring not only mysterious serial killers but also the mental impact that high schoolers have to face day to day. The constant cliffhangers make the viewers come back week after week. Fans are constantly on their toes, wondering who the Black Hood is and what will come of the other characters. People cannot wait for the rest of this season.

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