Let’s Talk About Tenure


Tenure causes many problems for schools and students. Tenure is earned when a teacher has been working successfully for a certain amount of years, and it makes it very difficult for that teacher to be fired.

Tenure is bad because sometimes there are teachers who have a new, fresh style of teaching that would be beneficial to students’ learning but cannot be hired because so many teachers have tenure.

Tenure causes problems with curriculum because some of the teachers that have it know that they are unlikely to be fired so they put in the bare minimum and make it difficult for the students to obtain knowledge from that teacher.

It is difficult to fire underperforming teachers because it involves the teachers’ union, the principal and the school board. It is very costly to fire a teacher that is performing poorly teacher.

Tenure makes it easier for teachers to put in the bare minimum and make it harder for the less experienced teachers. This is negative because sometimes the more difficult work is the work that the students would benefit most from.

Another negative side of tenure is that most school board presidents criticize and dislike tenure. In Oct 2006, a survey was conducted by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, asking school board presidents if they thought that tenure made it difficult to remove underperforming teachers and 91% of them said that they either agree or strongly agreed.

When teachers need to be let go seniority is a main priority instead of performance and quality of teaching. The “last hired, first fired” tactic is used in a situation of that kind.

Tenure makes it extremely difficult for there to be improvements to a school, and is also highly disliked. It should not make it so difficult for underperforming teachers to be dismissed

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