Vandalism leaves its mark on Poway’s campus

HANNAH WILLIAMS/ Editor-in-Chief

A wide range of vandalism has occurred on campus lately. Graffiti on the bathroom walls, and damage of school property, such as dumping trash into a toilet to clog it or breaking into the ceiling.

Custodian Pete Cypher expressed his distress by saying, “It’s very frustrating and disappointing to see this, not only is it disgusting, it shows a severe lack of respect for the school, staff, and students.” He also added that it causes work for a lot of people and repairs have to be done by maintenance and operations.

Last year, a bathroom closed for five weeks due to vandalism, and that took a long amount of time to clean up.

It’s an expectation that when students come to school that it’s a safe place, and the students that are doing this are making that very difficult.

“It’s discouraging to know that students on campus are impacted in a way like this, most of it peer pressure. I spend over half of my time at this school, and it’s kind of like I live here. I would not expect someone to come to my house and do this. Nor would they expect me to go to their house and do that,” custodian Pete Cypher said.

The punishment for vandalism depends on how severe it is. Restitution for repayment to replace the damages is possible and has been done in the past, which can cost up to several thousand dollars at one time. Punishment is a little more severe if vandalism involves gang writing. Any sort of gang activity has its own set of circumstances including police involvement.

“There are better ways for kids to express themselves. If kids have that little respect for our school I’d say give it a chance. Get involved in some things, and you would see why doing that is not just insulting to the school, but the student body and all of Poway high,” Assistant Principal Aaron Little said.

Vandalism is a problematic and growing issue on campus.

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