It movie is back 27 years later

HANNAH WILLIAMS/ Editor-in-Chief

Clowns are creepy no matter what, and Stephen King’s It, has the creepi­est. The clown “It” haunts every 27 years, and the director was very clever to release a remake exactly 27 years later, and definitely met expectations.

Set in summer of 1988 in the small Maine town of Derry, the film follows a group of misfit kids look­ing forward to summer, but it does not meet their expectations.

One of the kids, Bill Den­Brough, is the quiet one; he has a stutter and is still grasping reality from a recent family tragedy. His younger brother, Georgie, disappeared earlier in the year, which kicks off the plot of the film.

“This movie was way bet­ter than the original, and I can’t wait for the next one,” junior Emily Kleitsch said.

Soon, the kids learn their town is haunted by an evil force- “It”- who emerges every 27 years to torment the children. This “It” takes form of Pennywise, a circus clown who lives in the town’s sewers and has an ominous floating red balloon.

As spine-tingling as many scenes with Pen­nywise are in this film, overall “It” is more intense than scary.

“The movie was so terrifying,” senior Hugo Jimenez said.

Besides some inconve­niences, It ends exactly how films like this should and directors should take notes. Many fans can’t wait to see where the filmmak­ers take it next.

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