New Teachers Take Over Poway


The new year has brought a lot new things to the Poway campus. Most evident is the eleven new Poway High staff members on campus this year. Among them Paul Coleman, the new Physics teacher, the new registrar Judy Gutkowski, and Poway High’s new Assistant Principal, Catherine Burling.

The new staff will be making Poway their home this year and can be expected to make a big impact on and off the campus. The twelve new staff members at Poway this year are:

  • Special Education (returning)-Lili Greenlaw
  • Math- Tracy Roche
  • Math-Michelle Adam
  • Physics- Paul Coleman
  • Biology- Amy Daniel
  • Spanish-Ethel Scappaticci
  • English- Sarah Reschan
  • Speech Pathologist- Corinne Kircher
  • School Psychologist- Bernard Larsen
  • Registrar- Judy Gutkowski
  • Assistant Principal- Catherine Burling
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