The best teachers are the ones that round

GENEVIEVE GARRY. Feature Editor.

As the year comes to a close many students are stressing out about borderline grades. Some students are .2% away from that A, or more seriously from failing. Some teachers are strict about the typical 90% being an A and 89.9 being a B.  However, others look at the student as a whole. They look at the effort students put into the particular class and understand if a student is not a good test taker. For example, some students have done every single homework assignment with their best effort but scored average in the test category despite their constant studying. If the student is typically an A student and has a borderline it is nice if a teacher will take that into consideration and round it. They have to understand that their curriculum is not for everyone and if someone is still trying that deserves acknowledgement. Some teachers who know their curriculum is naturally harder tend to set their grading scale lower liker making an A an 88% and a B a 78% which is very reasonable. That takes away the negotiating that many students try to do the last day.

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