Book Review: A Fault in Our Stars

GENEVIEVE GARRY. Feature Editor.

Hazel is an average teenage girl, except for the fact that she has cancer all over her body and has to carry an oxygen tank around for her failing lungs. She lives knowing her lungs could fail at any time. Her mother forces her to go to a cancer support group where she meets Isaac and Augustus. She ends up falling for Augustus and telling him about her favorite book; An Imperial Affliction. When he finds out he only has months to live he makes his dying wish to travel to see the author with Hazel. They embark on the trip of a lifetime with Hazel’s mom as chaperone. I loved this book because it touched on every emotion. It had very happy moments and then moments when you would break down in tears. It is a very deep book and has a lot of hidden meanings and references in regards to An Imperial Affliction. It also has a sad but gripping twist when you find out Augustus’s cancer is terminal because until then, the book lead you to think it was done after his leg was decapitated. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a summer read that will pull them in and not have a dull moment.

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