Cool Coffee Shops in San Diego

GENEVIEVE GARRY. Feature Editor.


Elixir is easy to miss walking past in the Escondido mall and dismiss as a normal coffee stand, but that’s what makes it so unique. They serve a variety of pastries, crepes, and gelato, but the best is their handcrafted specialty coffee. It is made like an art with interesting designs such as hearts made with milk froth. It is a small family owned business and they take great pride in their work and quality. Next time you’re shopping in the mall be sure to check them out.

Better Buzz Coffee

This café includes a lot of coffee’s that are fair trade and organic. They also offer coffees that are from Rwanda and Sulawsi Toraja that are only available for a limited time. The locations are in Pacific Beach, San Marcos, Downtown, and Linda Vista. One of their top selling drinks is called “The Best Drink Ever” which customers claim is actually the best drink ever. Another favorite is the Mocha Espresso Bean Buzz which melts in your mouth with bits of espresso in it. They make it convenient with a drive through and friendly service.

Café Lily

Café Lily is a cute family owned business located on Midland Road in Poway. They give it a homelike feel by serving their hot drinks in large mugs. One of the best drinks is their flavored iced coffee, particularly hazelnut. They also have puzzles covering the tables to keep the children occupied (as well as parents).  They serve both breakfast and lunch with traditional homemade meals.

Up 2 You Café

This interesting coffee shop is located in Convoy which is past Downtown San Diego. Some of their signature drinks are a passion fruit tea, milk tea, or iced coffee. What makes them unique is how they are served with boba in Mason jars. They serve delicious food as well like honey butter toast and belguim waffles. All of the plates of food have frosting designs like pandas and hearts.

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