2048: The new addicting game

JACK CHINTALA. Staff Writer.

Another new addicting app has taken over phones everywhere.  This new app, 2048 has captured the attention of teenagers and shows the continuing trend of boredom.

The addiction, while not quite as extreme as Flappy Bird, to the app is driven by the ultimate goal of the app, to get the 2048 tile and win the game.  The game is played by sliding numbered tiles into each other to double the numbers.

This new trend, like all the others, is showing that many teens are bored with the world around them.  They become obsessed with their phone because of apps like this and they become so entranced with the app that they forget what they should be doing.  With finals just around the corner, this is not a beneficial habit.

This newest app also shows that many teens have trouble finding fun outside of their phones.  They find that the short lived fun of apps are most exciting than any other form of entertainment.  This is due to the game’s convenience.

Similarly to Flappy Bird, social media is largely affected by the app.  News feeds everywhere are filled with teens posting pictures of their “latest achievement”.

Unlike Flappy Bird, the game can be beaten.  The game is won by achieving the 2048 tile but allows players to continue to play to increase their score.  Because it allows players to continue playing, those who have already achieved the 2048 tile continue sliding tiles into each other thus increasing the games addiction.

While it is good that the intensity of the addiction to the 2048 app is not as high as what was seen with Flappy Bird, the app’s extreme popularity shows that teens’ boredom has not ceased.

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