San Diego baseball players selected for Major League Baseball draft

JACK CHINTALA. Staff Writer.

Two San Diego high school baseball players were selected in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft.  For the first pick of the 2014 Major League Baseball draft, the Houston Astros selected Cathedral Catholic high school pitcher and outfielder, Brady Aiken.  This is the first time a high school San Diego baseball player has been selected first in the draft.  Alex Jackson, an outfielder and catcher for Rancho Bernardo’s baseball team was picked sixth overall by the Seattle Mariners.

Aiken, a 6’ 4” left-handed pitcher was consistently ranked in the top 3 prospects by  Aiken will be a key attribute to the last-place Astros.  It seems like every baseball team could do with another solid pitcher and with Aiken, already having three mastered pitches in his arsenal, the Astros can expect to have success with him in the farm system.  If Aiken’s arm ever tires, he has the option to choose to be an outfielder, which could help the Astros less than average offense.  Aiken’s batting, while not as successful as his pitching, is still very consistent.

Jackson, a 6’2” right-handed outfielder was also consistently rated in the top 3 prospects by  Jackson will be a solid addition to the team if he performs well in the minor leagues.  While the baseball stays consistent between high school and the Major Leagues, the bats do change.  If Jackson can hit close to or as well as he does with a wooden bat, he will be a solid batter to add to the mariners struggling offense.

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