Financial burden made from Senior events

JACK CHINTALA. Staff Writer.

Poway High has an annual tradition of sending its seniors to a breakfast and picnic after they check out of school on the last Monday of the school year.  These activities are enjoyed by all of the seniors who go and it is a time for some seniors to see each other one last time before summer. 

These days, while mostly fun, can set a financial burden on some students who would like to go.  For the majority of students, paying the fee is not a problem;  however, many seniors will be attending college this next fall and it is imperative for them to save money.  Some seniors save to pay for their own college and some save simply to have money while they are in college.  Forcing those seniors to attend a picnic and breakfast with an admission price may not seem significant, but when it comes to saving for college, every dollar counts.

One solution to this problem is to have these activities be scheduled by seniors for seniors and have donations accepted for food, entertainment and reservations.  This would force those who want to go to be able to contribute as much as they want and have the seniors who would be burdened by the fee to not have to worry about it.

Another solution to this problem is to have the graduation requirements handed out at the senior days to be handed out the week before.  This would have those seniors who were on the fence about attending to have to go only if they want.  That way, seniors could save on gas and there would be no obligation to attend the events.

The summer prior to college can be the most significant summers one has to save money.  It is best that there are as few fees as possible.

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